Vote for Time-Tested, Proven Leadership For the Next Four Years!
Re-elect Mayor “Sonny” Penhale!
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Calvin “Speedy” Wilburn, rick & bubba show – “My family is proud to live in a city run by a mayor with a big heart who runs the city with a sense of integrity. It is good to know we have a mayor that loves kids and supports our Youth League. Quite often when I am at the ball park with the family, I see the mayor.  My wife Terri and I have three boys growing up at the park. We are very comforted by the fact that the mayor is so dedicated to family and community.”
Tim and Tami Genry, helena educators – As Helena residents, we truly appreciate all that Mayor Penhale has done to support our schools and our children. Helena has experienced tremendous growth, but still has maintained its small town charm and wonderful family atmosphere through conscientious leadership and decision making.
Doug Moore, president, helena athletic association –
I can tell you first hand, Mayor Penhale has a genuine passion for the kids of Helena and our community as a whole. It is common to see him at community and athletic events. He never makes himself the center of attention, but if you need his attention, you can get it. I look forward to seeing him serve these next four years so he can see to completion the projects he has been instrumental in starting, such as our new high school. He has the ability to get things done for us. He can pick up the phone at any time and reach our legislative and county partners for assistance. We have some of the lowest property taxes in the country, yet we are rich in services. We have a beautiful downtown, a new high school on its way, additions to our intermediate and elementary schools and walking trails for our families to enjoy. This doesn’t come about by itself. It requires leadership. The wheels of government turn very slowly, and the mechanisms that make them turn are extremely complicated. Yet Helena continues to move forward under his leadership. This is not the case with many cities in our country.

Joel Bearden, shelby county commissioner – My family has owned land in Helena since 1880. We have seen Helena receive its first telephones, city water, sewer, and paved roads. In all these years we have worked with several individuals who always put Helena first. Year after year, Sonny Penhale has given his time and energy to make Helena better. I know of no other individual who has done more for Helena than Sonny. Having said this, I am proud to endorse him for Mayor of Helena. Keep Helena a great place to live — let’s keep Sonny! 

Jack Gray, chairman, helena planning commission – Sonny is a genuine team player. His experience and dedication to Helena have proved invaluable to us in the execution of our duties with the planning commission. His judgement has often proved prophetic. His heart is in the right place. He can always be counted on to do what is right for the betterment of our city. We need his continued leadership as mayor.

 Lisa and Samy El-Feraly, Lisa is the volunteer coordinator for phs and Samy is the president of the helena schools foundation)  – We have lived in Helena for about 20 years. Under Sonny’s leadership, the city has grown and prospered. Helena is safe and a great place to raise a family. We support Sonny and the work he wants to do to make Helena an even better place to live.

Mary E. Cooper, principal, helena elementary – On behalf of the students, families and staff of Helena Elementary, we offer our warmest thanks and heartfelt gratitude for all Mayor Penhale does to support the work of our school. In so many ways, his leadership makes a positive difference for all of us. Funds are donated by the city which are used to support programs that are so vital to the HES learning experience. Helena’s Police Department is second to none, consistently prompt, caring, courteous and professional. The same can be said for the Helena Fire Department.  They provide fire safety instruction that leaves a lasting impression on our boys and girls.  Under the mayor’s leadership, we are all working together to keep our children safe at school and at home. The mayor’s strong support of Shelby County Schools is also deeply appreciated.  The mayor has consistently spoken out in support of children and in support of needed education initiatives that improve the learning opportunities we can afford our students.  His bold vision also improves the quality of life for Helena’s citizens. The mayor’s determination and leadership were instrumental in purchasing land for the new Helena High School and athletic complex. These facilities will serve Helena’s children for years to come!
I am particularly grateful to work in a community where the city’s chief leader is an honorable man who makes decisions based on what he believes is best and right for the community.  We need more leaders like Mayor Penhale.  I look forward to many more  years of working together with him.
Dr. Wayne Williams, principal, helena intermediate – Mayor Penhale has been a supporter of HIS through the years. He worked tirelessly to see that a new intermediate school was built here in 2001. Since then, he has worked in partnership with us to do good things for our kids. He supports us through allocations from city funds to support learning and new technology. Mayor Penhale has also made personal donations to our PTO silent auctions. Mayor Penhale, thank you for your support of HIS.
Scott Knight, principal, helena middle – Helena Middle School is a great place to work because of the tremendous support that we get from the community. I honestly don’t think that HMS would be here had it not been for the vision and work of Mayor Penhale. Anytime that we have called on the Mayor for help or assistance, he has been there to lend his support. I look forward to continuing to build the relationship with him as we move forward.
Robby Owens, shelby county d.a. – I have known Mayor Penhale for many, many years. He is honest and reliable and has always had the best interest of the City of Helena foremost in his mind and heart. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his candidacy to continue as the best Mayor Helena has ever had.
Dennis O’Brien, helena resident – My family and I moved here in 1994. The mayor came to our home soon after and welcomed us to Helena. After becoming involved in city council meetings and spending time at city hall reviewing the master plan for the city’s future growth, I realized Sonny was not only the mayor, but a man who really cares about our citizens. It has always been his dream for Helena to have its own high school. He spent many years lobbying so that our children could take pride and get a first class education in their own city. It’s his dedication and vision that have made Helena the great place we all enjoy and are proud to call home. I think Sonny has earned and deserves the opportunity to preside as mayor when we proudly open the doors to the new Helena High School.
Dan Rasmussen, owner, sam lilly liquidators – I have lived in Helena for 20 years and have watched this town grow and prosper. I became involved with the planning and zoning board in 2005. Through Sonny’s support and desire to bring economic growth, I have come to see how passionate he is about this community. Sonny cares about every person who lives and works here. This has impressed me that he is not interested so much in politics as he is in just being a great mayor. He has worked hard for Helena to grow and become the great place it is.
David B. Aizenman, m.d. – Sonny was instrumental in bringing my medical practice to Helena in 1993, and has been a major reason that I’ve been able to stay here despite relocating my office twice in the past 10 years. He’s committed to serving the citizens of Helena, and has helped me and other local professionals fulfill our commitment to the area as well.
Claudia Deason, helena resident & kiwanis member – Sonny has done so much to spur the growth of Helena. He has brought it from a small farming community to a city of hard working families with great community pride. Helena is known for its great parks, great schools and great community spirit!
Mike McNorton, owner of golden rule bbq – Since becoming a business owner in Helena, I have enjoyed working with Mayor Penhale. He is easy to work with and has great ideas for the future of Helena. He has accomplished many things in Helena that make life and doing business here meaningful. I support Mayor Penhale for his reelection bid.
Amy Bolt, Helena Belles Organizer
The Helena Belles would not be a reality without the help and support of Mayor Sonny Penhale. I approached him with the idea of the Helena Belles, and he was excited to begin this new service organization in Helena. Our Southern Belles serve the City of Helena with honor and integrity and are very blessed to have Mayor Penhale behind our organization.
Barry Ellis, youth league coach, kiwanis president – My wife and I have been living in Helena 15 years, and have seen a lot of growth. We have two boys who have attended HES, HIS, and now HMS. We can’t say enough about our schools and teachers who have had an impact on our kids’ lives. I have had the privilege to know Mayor Penhale over the years through city events and the Helena Kiwanis. I cannot thank Mayor Penhale enough for all he’s done. He has made the City of Helena what it is today—a growing city with a small town feel!
Frank Kirksey, pastor, voice of faith ministries – I have known Mayor Penhale for many years. He is a man of integrity who loves God, his wife and family and is doing an outstanding job caring for the people of Helena. I thank God that a righteous and wise mayor leads Helena and God’s Kingdom is established throughout our city.
Kristi Raley, group exercise coordinator, pelham ymca – The mayor goes above and beyond for me, my city, and my family. He has a love for animals. That says a lot about what kind of man he is. Mayor Penhale went above and beyond to help my family in our time of need. When my son was in the hospital, I didn’t even know him well, but he came to the hospital to comfort and pray with my family. He and others organized a fellowship dinner after a very long and sad day for our friends and family. I am certain that he would have done this for anyone in the city. Mayor Penhale works closely with each minister in Helena to assist with suicide prevention. These are just a few of the things he does that are above the call of duty for a mayor. I love the small town feel of Helena just as it is right now, and don’t want to change a thing, especially not the mayor! I vote we keep Mayor Penhale in office!

Erin Trapolino, owner of old town music – I have lived in Helena for 20 years. When I first moved to this city there wasn’t so much as a grocery store. I went to Helena Elementary which, at that time, was the only school in Helena. Mayor Penhale has built our wonderful city into what it is today, one of the most desirable and beautiful places to live in Alabama. I support Mayor Penhale.

Brandon and Jamie Layton Cagle, helena residents – Jamie and I are proud to support Sonny Penhale for mayor! This is one of the best  communities, especially when it comes to raising children, in America. Mayor Penhale is a big reason why it’s that way. We have enjoyed living here and raising our two daughters in this community! 

Jordan Smith, recent um graduate, future educator – Mayor Sonny has been the mayor here my whole life. In my view, Helena is the perfect city with a small town vibe, and there’s always something to do. It is a town that values education, community involvement, and southern hospitality. In my opinion, this is due in large part to the outstanding leadership of Mayor Sonny.  He is personable, accessible and a man of integrity. I can’t imagine Helena without him.


Vote for Time-Tested, Proven Leadership For the Next Four Years!
 Re-elect Mayor “Sonny” Penhale!
Vote Tuesday August 28


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